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Hardcore [Punk] Rock

Venomous Concept - Rhetoric

Venomous Concept - Brain Crash

Venomous Concept - Drop Dead

Venomous Concept - Check Out

Venomous Concept - Hero

Venomous Concept - Rise

Venomous Concept - Farm Boy

Venomous Concept - Forever War

Wasted Youth - Problem Child

Wasted Youth - Blind Nuns

Hardcore [Punk] Rock

Blind Myself - Veszélyes Hulladék

Blind Myself - Az Igazi Szó

Hardcore Punk | Heavy Metal
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Címkék: Venomous Concept, Brain Crash, Drop Dead, Check Out, Farm Boy, Forever War,
metal takes the intensity and sonic qualities of thrash metal and plays them at mid-tempo, with most bands making only occasional forays into fast tempo.

Characteristics and origins:

Pantera's Cowboys from Hell album from 1990 was described as "groundbreaking" and "blueprint-defining" for the groove metal genre. King's X has been called the progenitors of the genre and their 1988 debut album Out of the Silent Planet is often cited as one of the major influences for groove metal, with dropped open tuning and lower, even tempos. Ian Christe credits Sepultura's Chaos A.D. and Pantera for creating the death metal-derived music of groove metal influencing later groups in the genre during the 1990s. Exhorder's debut Slaughter in the Vatican is also considered one of the first groove metal albums, having been released in 1990, the same year as Cowboys. Groove metal bands have incorporated thrash metal, and crossover thrash. Tommy Victor of Prong claims that the attitude of groove metal
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- Core
As I Lay Dying - Forever" >target="_blank"
As I Lay Dying - Forsaken" >target="_blank"
Blessthefall - A Message To The Unknown" >target="_blank"
Blessthefall - Times Like These" >target="_blank"
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Dressed For Friend Requests" >target="_blank"
Erra - Heart" >target="_blank"
Disturbed - Fear" >target="_blank"
A Well Thought Tragedy - Hypochondria Vs. Hypothermia" >target="_blank"
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,Hughes, Ted: A holló teológiája (Crow's Theology Magyar nyelven)

Crow's Theology (Angol)

Crow realized God loved him-

Otherwise, he would have dropped dead.

So that was proved.

Crow reclined, marvelling, on his heart-beat.

And he realized that God spoke Crow-

Just existing was His revelation.

But what Loved the stones and spoke stone?

They seemed to exist too.

And what spoke that strange silence

After his clamour of caws faded?

And what loved the shot-pellets

That dribbled from those strung-up mummifying crows?

What spoke the silence of lead?

Crow realized there were two Gods-

One of them much bigger than the other

Loving his enemies

And having all the weapons.

A holló teológiája (Magyar)
nagyuska, 2013. november 15. péntek, 15:40
those desert ascetics

Who fascinated you,

Parching in such a torturing

Vacuum of God

It sucked goblins out of their finger-ends,

Out of the soft motes of the sun-shafts,

Out of the blank rock face.

The gagged prayer of their sterility

Was a God

So was your panic of emptiness - a God.

You offered him verses. First

Little phials of the emptiness

Into which your panic dropped its tears

That dried and left crystalline spectra.

Crystals of salt from your sleep.

Like the dewy sweat

On some desert stones, after dawn.

Oblations to an abscence.

Little sacrifices. Soon

Your silent howl through the night

Had madeitself a moon, a fiery idol

Of your God

Your crying carried its moon

Like a woman a dead child. Like a woman

Nursing a dead
nagyuska, 2013. november 15. péntek, 15:36

"Oh, Fiddler! Oh, Mr. Jones!"

(I thought it was his house and he would show me the way home. )

But who should step out but A. D. Blood,

In his night shirt, waving a stick of wood,

And roaring about the cursed saloons,

And the criminals they made?

"You drunken Oscar Hummel", he said,

As I stood there weaving to and fro,

Taking the blows from the stick in his hand

Till I dropped down dead at his feet.

A Spoon River-i holtak - Oscar Hummel (Magyar)

Tántorogtam, sötét volt,

homályos ég, meg néhány csillag,

jórészt utánuk mentem.

Kilenc óra, haza akartam érni.

Elgabalyodtam valahogy,

pedig igencsak rajt voltam az úton.

Akkor bebuktam egy kapun át egy kertbe,

tele torokból azt mondtam:

,,Jaj, hegedűs! Jaj, kedves
nagyuska, 2013. november 15. péntek, 14:52

Where never living creature stirs,

Nor sunbeam pierces through,

Is a tomb, lichened and crooked--

Its faded legend gone--

With but one rain-worn cherub's head

Of mouldering stone.

There, when the dusk is falling,

Silence broods so deep

It seems that every wind that breathes

Blows from the fields of sleep.

Day breaks in heedless beauty,

Kindling each drop of dew,

But unforsaking shadow dwells

Beneath this lonely yew.

And, all else lost and faded,

Only this listening head

Keeps with a strange unanswering smile

Its secret with the dead.

...................... -

A különc
nagyuska, 2013. október 24. csütörtök, 15:18
life to hear and sweet to smell,

But now with lights reverse the old hours retire

And the last hour is shod with fire from hell;

This is the end of every man's desire.

The burden of four seasons. Rain in spring,

White rain and wind among the tender trees;

A summer of green sorrows gathering,

Rank autumn in a mist of miseries,

With sad face set towards the year, that sees

The charred ash drop out of the dropping pyre,

And winter wan with many maladies;

This is the end of every man's desire.

The burden of dead faces. Out of sight

And out of love, beyond the reach of hands,

Changed in the changing of the dark and light,

They walk and weep about the barren lands

Where no seed is nor any garner stands,

Where in short breaths the doubtful days respire,

And time's turned glass
nagyuska, 2013. október 22. kedd, 09:35
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