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Friss Sport Versek Egészség Bőrápolás Receptek Praktikák Jótékony hatások Házilag
Jag Panzer - Licensed To Kill
Jag Panzer - Warfare
Jag Panzer - Symphony Of Terror
Jag Panzer - Power Surge
Iron Savior - Atlantis Falling
Iron Savior - Brave New World
Breaker - Run For Your Life
Virgin Steele - The Burning Of Rome
Virgin Steele - Victory Is Mine
Virgin Steele - Prometheus the Fallen One
Sword - The End Of The Night
Sword - Runaway
Sword - Evil Spell
Tank - Heavy Artillery
Tank - The War Drags Ever On
Tank - Honour And Blood
Tank - Kill
Def Leppard - Love Bites
Talon - Hatred Grows Slowly
Talon - Neutralized
Talon - Time Could Not Heal
Talon - To The Bitter Dregs
Talon - Preacher Of Evil
Talon - Defense Condition
Talon - Venemous Gods
X-Caliber - The Sword
X-Caliber - Warriors Of The Night
X-Caliber - Runaway
Tyran' Pace - Hands In The Air
Hocculta - Warning Games
Crystal Knight - Fire & Flame

Crystal Knight - War Attack
Tytan - The Watcher
Tytan - Sadman
Steel Vengeance - Time To Live, Time To Die
Steel Vengeance - She Moves In The Night
Cloven Hoof - Nova Battlestar
Gravestone - Masters Of The Earth
Gravestone - You Can't Take It With You
Gravestone - Danger
Gravestone - Illusions
Pandemonium - Heavy Metal Soldiers
Pandemonium - The Will To Kill
Pandemonium - Eye Of The Storm
Pandemonium - Imagination
Pegazus - The Headless Horseman
Pegazus - Nightstalker
Pegazus - Dragon Slayer
Pegazus - Metal Messiah
Pegazus - Ghost Rider
Pegazus - Death Or Glory
Warriors - Any Longer
Warriors - Flight Of The Children
Warriors - God Save The Children
Warriors - I Am Alive
White Wizzard - Live Free Or Die
White Wizzard - Iron Goddess Of Vengance
White Wizzard - Shooting Star
White Wizzard - Fight To The Death
White Wizzard - Flying Tigers
White Wizzard - Blood On The Pyramids
White Wizzard - Strike The Iron
White Wizzard - Fall Of Atlantis
Mercyful Fate - Desecration Of Souls
Mercyful Fate - Welcome Princess Of Hell
Witch Cross - Nightflight To Tokyo
Witch Cross - Light Of A Torch
Metal Church - It's A Secret
Metal Church - Anthem To The Estranged
Metal Church - Badlands
Crimson Glory - Heart Of Steel
Crimson Glory - Angels Of War
Crimson Glory - Dragon Lady
Angel Witch - She Don't Lie
Lion - Never Surrender
Letchen Grey - Playin' With Fire

Queen - Gimme The Prize

Queen - Princes Of The Universe

Savage - Blind Hunger

Saxon - Crusader

Saxon - Hellcat

Saxon - Valley Of Kings

Saxon - Atila The Hun

Saxon - Ashes To Ashes

Hammer - Caution To The Wind

Hammer - Contract With Hell

Hammer - Prayer Of A Soldier

Hammer - Across The Line

Hellanbach - Motivated By Desire

Hellanbach - Kick It Out

Hellanbach - Beaten To The Bone

Hellanbach - When All Is Said And Done

Heritage - Endless Flight

Heritage - Rudy And The Zipps

Heritage - A Fighting Chance

Holland - Do It

Hollow Ground - Flying High

Hollow Ground - Don't Chase The Dragon

Hollow Ground - Fight With The Devil

Hollow Ground - The Holy One

Dragonslayer - Blind Terror

Dragonslayer - Broken Hearts

Dragonslayer - Hammerhead

Dragonslayer - Rock With Me

Dragonslayer - The Battle Is On

Dragonsalyer - Catch Me

Destroyer - Evil Place

Destroyer - Stand And Deliver

Denigh - Fire From The Sky

Denigh - Sentinel

Denigh - Synthetic Seduction

Demon Pact - Escape

Demon - Night Of The Demon

Demon - Into The Nightmare

Demon - One Helluva Night

Deep Machine - Hell Forest

Deep Machine - Iron Cross

Dealer - Victim Of The Night

Dealer - Son Of A Bitch

Dark Star - Lady Of Mars

Dark Star - Louisa

Dark Star - Rockbringer

Dark Star - Lady Love

Dark Star - Green Peace

Dark Heart - Teaser

Dark Heart - Shout It Out

Cobra - China Syndrome

Cobra - Maiden Flight

Cobra - Curse Of Eden

Cobra - Quick Off The Mark

Chinawite - Run For Cover

Chinawite - Slow Train

Chinawite - Lookin' For Action

Chinawite - Operator

Chinawite - Take No Prisoners

Chinawite - Midnight Cafe

Chinawite - Fast Lane

Chinawite - Heartland

Chateaux - Spirit Of The Chateaux

Chateaux - Burn Out At Dawn

Chateaux - The Dawn Surrendered

Chateaux - Straight To The Hearth

Chateaux - Baton Rouge

Chateaux - Son Of Seattle

Chateaux - Shine On Forever

Chateaux - Eyes Of Stone

Chateaux - Phalanx

Chasar - Destiny

Chasar - Vision Of Time

Chasar - Kings

Chasar - Gypsy Roller

Chasar - Underground

Battleaxe - Burn This Town

Blind Fury - Do It Loud

Blind Fury - Out Of Reach

Blind Fury - Evil Eyes

Blind Fury - Living On The Edge

Blind Fury - Back Inside

Blackmayne - Twilight Of Lear

Blackmayne - Blackmayne

Blackmayne - Man Overboard

Blackmayne - Altered States

Aragorn - You Changed My World

Lord Fist - Super Sailor

Lord Fist - Spark For The Night

Lord Fist - Master Of The Witches

Lord Fist - Velvet Gods

Lord Fist - Green Eyleen

Lord Fist - Road Ravens

Lord Fist - Power Medal

Pokolgép - A Tűz

Reptile - Wake Up Fool !!!

X-Caliber - Told You Not To Run

Quiet Riot - Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Quiet Riot - Main Attraction

Steel Assassin - Phaeton (Demo)

Steel Assassin - War Of The Eight Saints

Armored Saint - Glory Hunter

Viva - White Snow

Viva - The Bitch

Tyran' Pace - Cry Out

Midnight Darkness - Lost In Dreams

Midnight Darkness - Holding The Night

Midnight Darkness - Forever

Mercyful Fate - Come To The Sabbath

Warriors - Genocide

Flashpoint - No More Love No More Lies

Metal Mercenaries - Armageddon Now

Metal Merchant - Sacrifice

Witch - The Last Breath (Tell Me Why)

Witch - Losin' My Mind

Satanic Rites - Hit And Run

Scarab - Poltergeist

Black Rose - Sucker For Your Love

Mendes Prey - Lone Survivor

Mendes Prey - What The Hell Is Going On

Mendes Prey - Don't Shine

Mendes Prey - Breakin' My Heart

Mendes Prey - I Beg For Mercy


Forbidden - So Dark (Demo)

Forbidden - My Sorrow is My Own

Identify: Heavy Metal

Bride - Fool Me Once

Bride - Hot Down South Tonight

Bride - Silence Is Madness

Official Genre: Metal
Official Style: Heavy

Saxon - S.O.S. (Too Bad)

Saxon - Gothic Dreams

Saxon - Unleash The Beast

Saxon - Return/Lionheart

Saxon - Searching For Atlantis

Official Genre: Metal
Official Style: Heavy

Pantera - Ride My Rocket

Pantera - I'll Be Allright

Pantera - Tell Me If You Want It

Pantera - Latest Lover

Pantera - Biggest Part Of Me

Pantera - Metal Magic

Pantera - Widowmaker

Pantera - Nothin' On (But the Radio)

Pantera - Sad Lover

Pantera - Rock Out!

Official Genre: Metal
Official Style: Heavy

Badge - Something I've Lost

Badge - Finding My Way

Bashful Alley - Running Blind

Black Axe - Highway Rider

Bleak House - Rainbow Warrior

Bleak House - Intro / To The Gods

Buffalo - She's Got No Heart

Buffalo - Backs To The Wall

Buffalo - Lady Jane

Buffalo - Take It To The Limit

Buffalo - The Answer

Buffalo - Mean Machine

Chain Reaction - All Over The World

Chain Reaction - Pool Of Fortune

Chain Reaction - Wolf

Chain Reaction - Wicked

Chain Reaction - The Evil Within Us

Chaser - Crucifix

Chaser - Sudden Break

Chaser - Salute The Warrior Queen

Chaser - For King And For Country

Chaser - Tragedy

Chaser - Dressed For The Kill (1987 Version)

Chaser - Backstreet

Chateaux - Spirit Of The Chateaux

Chateaux - Burn Out At Dawn

Chateaux - The Dawn Surrendered

Chateaux - Straight To The Hearth

Chateaux - Baton Rouge

Chateaux - Shine On Forever

Chateaux - Eyes Of Stone

Chateaux - White Steel

Chateaux - Highly Strung

Chateaux - Turn It On

Chateaux - Phalanx

Chateaux - Chase The Sun

Chateaux - Through The Fire

Chateaux - First Strike

Chateaux - One Too Many

Chateaux - Midnight Star

Cobra - Warriors Of The Dead

Cobra - Dying Man's Song

Fast Kutz - Midnight Love

Fast Kutz - Play With Fire

Fateful Legacy - Messenger Of Doom

Fighter - No Pain, No Gain

Fighter - Lookin' For An Answer

Fighter - Fire In The Sky

First Offence - Rip It Up

First Offence - Time Spent

Firstryke - Just A Nightmare

Firstryke - Black Prince

Firstryke - Metal Machine

Fisc - Running With The Devil

Fisc - Sad Girl

Fisc - Midnight Killer

Fisc - Teaser Woman

Fisc - Night Of The Beast

Flashpoint - Blackjack

Flashpoint - Sweet Pretender

Fleury - The Main Attraction

Flight Charm - Flight Charm

Flying Skull - Nightwalk

Flying Skull - Lonesome Child

Flying Skull - Darkness

Flying Skull - Hawkeye

Flying Skull - Annie

Flying Skull - The Unknown Day

Force 3 - Warrior Of Light

Forever - Lust To Live

Forever - Sail On

Forgotten Child - Forgotten Child

Forgotten Child - Witness

Forgotten Child - Movin' On

Forgotten Child - Broken Man

Fortress - Metal Meltdown

Fortress - Heading For Nowhere

Fortress - Into The Night

Fortress - Breakin The Skin

Fortress - Reach

Funeral Pyre - City Street Woman

S.A.D.O. - Run, Baby, Run

S.A.D.O. - American Hero

S.A.D.O. - Death

S.A.D.O. - My Dream

S.A.D.O. - 219 Uniform

S.A.S. - Nuclear Attack

S.A.S. - Whispers

S.A.S. - Wolverine

S.A.S. - Don't Waste My Time

S.A.S. - Warlords

Sacred Child - Chariots Of Fire (David Reece)

Sacred Few - Sea Of Thought

Stonehenge - Wings Of Steel

Style: Heavy
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Saxon - Atila The Hun" >target="_blank"
Saxon - Ashes To Ashes" >target="_blank"
Jag Panzer - Licensed To Kill" >target="_blank"
Jag Panzer - Warfare" >target="_blank"
Jag Panzer - Symphony Of Terror" >target="_blank"
Jag Panzer - Power Surge" >target="_blank"
Iron Savior - Atlantis Falling" >target="_blank"
Iron Savior - Brave New World" >target="_blank"
Lord Fist -
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Amerikai-Magyar Szövetség híre
Famous Hungarian

Stefan Hatos
(b. Aurora, Illinois, on 8/ 20/1920, d. Toluca Lake, California 1999)
Television producer of "Let's Make a Deal"

Stefan Hatos was a first generation American with Hungarian parents. His father was an iron peddler by trade. Stefan was the second of three sons and a daughter. He began playing piano and oboe at age eight. While attending college on a music (and basketball) scholarship, he played Oboe and English Horn with the Detroit Civic Symphony and also played Tenor & Bass Saxophone in dance bands to work his way through school. He got his start in media when he became staff announcer at a Detroit radio station and later on the NBC radio network.

He was always more interested in writing and production than in performing. While an announcer, he wrote episodes of The Lone Ranger (1940), The Green Hornet, and a psycho-thriller Hermit's Cave. After serving 37 months as commanding officer of PT 328 during WWII, and surviving
furaila, 2008. június 18. szerda, 10:41
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